Monkey-Proof Pricing

0.20% +20¢

Interchange +Pass-Through

  • Monthly Fee: $19.95
  • *Online Merchant's Only


  • PCI-Level 1 Compliant
  • Interchange + Pass-Through
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Get your money in 2 days for most transactions
  • Recurring Billing
  • Processing for all major cards including Amex
  • Multiple Bank Integrations
  • Multiple Shopping Cart Intergrations
  • Easy to use API
  • Robust Reporting System

High-volume Merchants

Processing thousands of transactions? Contact us for custom pricing.

Standalone Payment Gateway

While our full stack payment platform is most popular with online merchants for its simplicity, we also offer the option of using just the payment gateway. This standalone payment gateway supports most U.S. merchant accounts.

$49 a month, 10¢ per transaction.

Email us or call 888-978-1489

Our transparent pricing model is simple: Interchange + Pass-Through. With this model, you’ll always know exactly what your fees are because they’re based on the Credit Card Association prices shown to the right.

For example, the Interchange + Pass-Through rate for a $100 transaction* would be:

Interchange Rate Pass-Through Rate Total Transaction Fee Merchant Cost
Consumer Debit Card 1.65% + 15¢ 0.20% + 20¢ 1.85% + 35¢ $2.20
Consumer Rewards Card 1.80% + 10¢ 0.20% + 20¢ 2.00% + 30¢ $2.30
Consumer Prepaid Card 1.75% + 20¢ 0.20% + 20¢ 1.95% + 40¢ $2.35
Business Credit Card 2.45% + 15¢ 0.20% + 20¢ 2.65% + 35¢ $3.00

*Using Visa’s 2/2013 eCommerce Card-Not-Present interchange rates

No Hidden Fees… Seriously!

  • Application FeeNone
  • Setup FeeNone
  • Cancellation FeeNone
  • Merchant Account FeeNone
  • Annual FeeNone
  • Velocity Analyzer FeeNone
  • Rebill FeeNone
  • Negative Database FeeNone
  • Data Analysis FeeNone
  • Device Analyzer FeeNone
  • Bank Integration FeeNone
  • Cancel Keep FeeNone
  • Flex Rebill FeeNone
  • Quick Convert FeeNone
  • Auto Purchase FeeNone
International Pricing

If you’re interested in international pricing, contact us so we can learn a little more about your business to provide you with an accurate quote. We partner with several banks around the world, but each has difference acceptance requirements and pricing structures.

Fraud Protection

The number of online purchases completed has skyrocketed in the past few years, but the e-commerce world has had to make major improvements in securing these transactions, making sure sensitive personal information stays safe and protected. Because of this, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Privacy Act standards were created to protect consumers from fraud and exploit.

When you choose gorillaPay to handle your online transactions, you can be confident that all of your customer data safe and secure according to all PCI compliance standards. Our network is monitored non-stop for suspicious activity to prevent security threats or malicious activity.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are international cards and recurring billing, and the fraud analyzer included?

Of course!  All of our great features are included in our signature pricing of Interchange + Pass-Through, or .20% + 20¢ per transaction.

Is American Express included at the same price as other card types?

Yes, while Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover have their own interchange tables, our Pass-Through rate of 0.20% + 20¢ per transaction stays the same.

Are there any monthly fees or minimums?

After the monthly fee of only $19.95, you pay just for what you use. We don’t require any minimum transaction processing amounts for online merchants.

How soon will I get my money after the transaction is processed?

Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions are deposited in your bank account within two business days. American Express transactions are typically deposited within four business days.

I’m stuck with my current merchant account, can I still use Gorilla Pay’s payment gateway?

Definitely. Our full-stack payment offering is most popular due to its simplicity, but if you’re under contract with your current merchant account, you can use gorillaPay as a standalone payment gateway. Compatible with most U.S. merchant accounts, our standalone gateway is only $48/month and $.10/transaction. Have questions or want to learn more? Contact us.

What are the charges for PCI compliance?

Nada. When you have a merchant account with gorillaPay, we provide free PCI compliance validation through our partner, SecurityMetrics. Most other providers charge around $150 per year for this service.

Are there any other fees I could be charged?

Though it doesn’t happen often, any chargebacks incurred (i.e. a disputed charge by the customer) will be a $15 charge. Other than that, all of our other fees are exactly what you see on the pricing page.

Are there any other pricing plans available?

If your company is already processing thousands of transactions each month, we may be able to customize pricing to your situation. Contact us for a conversation.

Ask a Gorilla 888-978-1489

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